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Ayahuasca journeying has had a deep effect on my perceptions and outlook of the world. I went through an ayahuasca period in my life a few years ago and I feel it is a story relevant to tell here as it deeply affected my spiritual health. There are a few times in my life when my perceptions and views on the way things are have been deeply shaken. When these core belief systems that framed my world were torn down I had to acknowledge that all I believed to be true and real in the world were not as I previously thought they were. It’s a surprising realization.  

Eating raw foods has an effect on me in a similar way. Imagine you live on the moon and all that you know is the dark side. People talk about the light and you look for it and see glimpses of what you think might be it and think you know what they are talking about. I thought I knew about health food. I grew up in health food stores, there was one next door to us and my family shopped there all the time. I knew just about everything on their shelves. I experimented lots with herbs and alternative healing. But then I tried 2 weeks of only eating raw foods and I realized I knew nothing, or what all of a sudden felt like nothing. Raw foods showed me the light side and I get excited when I hear of someone trying to go 100% raw. And understand the need of people to want to share it with the world.

Paintings by Don Pablo Amaringo, bio below.

Don Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca Painting

Ayahuasca can be related in that it shook my world. It was the same, only different and on a whole different level, and ayahuasca is much more profound, as it can really shake and transform your spiritual core. They say ayahuasca is different for everyone. There is a similar portal gateway to get into the visions. The entrance going in is filled with similar designs but then the visions you get are directly related to you. They are directly related to your perceptions and your interactions with the world around you and aya shares secrets with the spirit and natural plant and animal world as she sees fit.

Don Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca Painting 2

Ayahuasca is called the grandmother medicine. Peyote is the grandfather. She is not for everyone but she calls strongly for some. I can easily say that aya was the most profound teacher and a huge influence on my life. She showed me many things, and about many things I thought I knew and understood, but didn’t quite. I was shown a lot about interactions between people, between animals and even between plants, in our physical space, as well as on different spiritual planes.

Don Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca Painting 3

I am hesitant to go into details of the experiences or ceremonies, as most people who live here are, because it is illegal here in Canada. Ayahuasca is a root that is made into a tea. The root (Banisteriopsis caapi) is usually brewed with leaves (Psychotia dimethyltryptamine) into a tea in a special ceremony where often the men collect the roots and women collect the leaves before they are brewed together. The plants and mixture is sacred to many indigenous and other people. More on the tea and ayahuasca here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayahuasca   During ceremonies where it is consumed the usual is to drink it at 3 separate times. Each time is a very different experience form the last. Sometimes there are no visions but most of the time I experienced many. I attended roughly 30 ceremonies over a year and a half period.

Don Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca Painting 4

Ayahuasca is very different from any hallucinogenic drugs I had previously tried. I’ve taken a number of different types and ayahuasca is far different. All others felt recreational in comparison. Ayahuasca had a purpose. It (she) has messages to share, information and insights to give and is very personal. Ayahuasca takes you into the spiritual world and guides you, sometimes nicely, sometimes shockingly, but always very truthfully to deeper levels of consciousness, and of things of this world and others. Ayahuasca humbles the soul, cleans the spirit and brings love and peace to the world.

Don Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca Painting 5

There are only a few things that we can do in this life, that I know of, to evolve our soul’s progression and to dramatically raise our overall vibration. Meditation and prayer work for some, not for many, and take lots of time and practice  They are great and will work with much dedication. Raw foods and fasting and having a very clean body can help you evolve spiritually and raise your vibration also. Ayahuasca is another, and I believe it is a quicker and more intense way, to go up the spiritual/vibrational ladder.

Don Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca Painting 6

I believe things happen as they are supposed to happen and the best always comes when we follow our hearts.  I have felt a very strong calling lately (every day early morning guidance) to present ayahuasca as a good and positive tool for transformation. If it is meant for you to experience it will resonate very strongly with you. You will be haunted by the thought of it and aya will call your name. If not, you probably will not even read this post.

Don Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca Painting 7

Pablo Amaringo was born in 1943 in Puerto Libertad in Peru and is very famous for his paintings which are inspired by his ayahuasca journeys and visions. He was 10 years old when he first took ayahuasca. Pablo suffered a sever heart illness, and his remarkable recovery and treatment of ayahuasca to cure this led to him becoming and dedicating his life to being a shaman. In 1977 he abandoned his life as a healer and focused his full energy on painting and teaching in an art school. Don Pablo Amaringo died on the 16th of November 2009 in Pulcallpa, Peru.

Pablo C. Amaringo with his Ayahuasca inspired Painting

I wrote two posts about my experiences at the time on my rawketscience blog, to see them follow these links:
http://rawketscience.blogspot.ca/2007/08/ayahuasca-journey-part-1.html and

Offered with peace and love. Namaste.

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  • Frank Drebin

    No comments?? This is an amazing article thank you south and it reminds me of my own aya journeys and how I need to try this sacred medicine again!

  • Frank Drebin

    No comments?? This is an amazing article thank you and it reminds me of my own aya journeys and how I need to try this sacred medicine again!

    • Thanks Frank, Nice to hear from you. Peace and light 🙂