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It is very important to come off of your Cleanse slowly. If not, you risk undoing all the good you have just done for your body. After a cleanse you often feel so much better, lighter and with a lot of mental clarity.  You will likely have more energy, clearer skin and better digestion. The benefits are abundant but you will want to continue feeling them long after the cleanse is done and for this reason it’s vitally important that you break your cleanse slowly. How you come off of a cleanse is almost as important as the cleanse itself. 

Continue for at least the first few days to drink hot lemon water and do your stretching in the mornings. Continue also to eat primarily vegetable based dishes and the more you eat them raw, and the more green leafy vegetables you can keep in your diet, the more beneficial it is for your body. Continue to drink 2 liters of water a day for at least the first few days.  

Follow the guideline below to reintroduce other foods back into your system.  Eating heavy or unhealthy foods can be especially tempting now, but this time especially is when you need to use your will and strength to come off it properly as coming off too fast can be damaging by putting a great stress on the body, which has just been spending time resting.  For both of these cleanses, which are fairly short, the day following the cleanse is the most important day to watch what you ingest and to continue to eat healthy and similar foods to that which you ate during your cleanse; only incorporating a few new or heavier items into your diet.

A Guideline for reintroducing foods

The first day after your Cleanse

If you regularly eat cooked foods, include one cooked dish today. Do not eat meat, wheat and as little other grain as possible. Similarly have as little as possible of the other ‘off limit’ foods and items: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, dairy and other animal products, salt, sugar and processed foods.

The second day after your Cleanse

Continue to avoid meat, dairy and wheat. You can now start to slowly reincorporate other foods back into your daily diet. Remember that the longer you eat clean and healthy plant foods, and optimally raw and green leafy vegetables, the longer your body will continue cleaning house.

The third day after your Cleanse

Now you can resume your normal daily eating plan.


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A Fresh Start

Keep in mind that you have just changed the state of your body, and that it is functioning more efficiently now. Your cells and organs are cleaner, more vital and more efficient in their repairing and healing processes and you have lightened the burden of toxins and damaged cells on your body. Therefore it is a good idea to continue to eat the most nutritious foods, so that the body can continue to repair and heal. If you go back to ingesting unhealthy, mediocre or junk foods you will be setting yourself up to go back to where you started. The longer you can stay off of unhealthy foods, and continue to eat healthy and green, the better the results of the cleanse and your health all over.

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