Adventures in Life and Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipe


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Raw and Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipe

Regardless of what  life situation you find yourself in, it’s always a good plan to have a healthy homemade trail mix made up and ready to go. One part of eating healthy is having yourself covered whether you are on the run or if a hunger pang or snack craving hits.

I find sometimes it’s when you go through busy or stressful periods in life it can be easier to go for not so healthy foods. So having a trail mix snack made with a mixture of incredibly nutritious superfoods along with some of your favorite flavor ingredients comes in so handy and really helps you stay on track.

Adventures in Life ..and Why I need a lot of Trail Mix! (lots going on)

After 3 years of peaceful east coast living, caring for my mom (post stroke), I have finally decided  that it’s time for us to move back to the city. I actually decided to a smaller extent a year ago and have had our home listed to sell for almost a year. However, nothing is moving out here and I have just lowered the price to make it happen. I hope to be back in Toronto soon and am anticipating a busy summer!

I just finished taking a course online, Marie Forleo’s Bschool (which I loved) and am so excited with plans to transform this website and start up a shiny new exciting project. But I am holding myself back until I get Mom and I moved and settled in our new place.

I am leaving tomorrow for Lotus Heart Center in Brighton again to make food for 2 back to back retreats. The first is a meditation retreat and the second one is a yoga retreat.  I will be away for 3 weeks and will post my adventures here.

Transitions, transitions..

I feel like I am just going up the big circle of the rollercoaster of life!

So, Diana came over to help us clean up, and picked up carful’s of my mom’s art books. Seriously, she had wall to wall books in her studio. She’s an awesome artist, and you can see her paintings here.

Diana had this trail mix mixture with her, and I was thinking how important it is to always have a good trail mix made up. And that one that you make yourself with healthy ingredients is always best!

Hers was delicious and we ate it all on her!


Dianas Raw and Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipe

Dianas Raw & Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipe


1 cup Cashews
½ cup Pecans
¼ cup Pine nuts
¼ cup Coconut
½ cup Goji berries
¼ cup dried Blueberries
¼ cup Black Currants


Add all to a bag or bowl and mix well.

For more info on how to soak and dehydrate nuts and seeds to get the most nutritional benefit from them, as well as another healthy trail mix recipe, click here.

Tweet: Try this Delicious Healthy Trail Mix recipe Perfect for all of life's big adventures! @loverobinskey #rawfood #love
Tweet this: Try this Delicious Healthy Trail Mix recipe Perfect for all of life’s big adventures!


What are your favorite Trail Mix ingredients?

I’d love to hear what you are putting in yours! Leave a comment below and let me know.


With love and healthy snacks!
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