About the Green Cleanses and Tips to help you get the most out of them


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The strategy for both of the Green Cleanses is to provide an optimal environment for the detoxification systems in the body to do their job. These systems include the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the digestive and lymphatic systems and also your skin.

About the Green Cleanses

Both the 2 Day and the 5 Day Green Cleanses are chlorophyll based, and are made up primarily of green juices, smoothies and soups. These juiced and blended greens are much easier to digest than when they are in their leaf form and they allow the body to access their nutrients almost immediately. As well, they are much easier on the digestive system allowing the body to focus on its next most important job, eliminating waste. Our goal is to have your body eliminating the toxins that have been built up in your body, in the most healthful way and as efficiently and quickly as possible, releasing fat cells and harmful built up waste and debris.

The other items included in this cleanse are raw plant foods, consisting of mainly salads and including fruit and seeds, such as flax crackers and chia seeds.  These are some of the most healing and nutritious of foods. Flax and especially chia seeds have a special quality which makes them swell up and make you feel full, so that you feel satiated while on this cleanse.

For the 2 Day Intensive Green Cleanse:
Now that your body is being fed optimal fuel and does not have any heavy digestive processing, the next strategy is to allow your body to eliminate any built up waste in the body as efficiently as possible in 2 days. With this in mind I am recommending light activity to get these systems moving early in the day and more so on the first day than on the second. After the bodies systems are activated and functioning, as they don’t have the job of the heavy food processing, they put their concentrated effort and energy, which they have from all the chlorophyll, on elimination.  In the evenings and especially on the second day it is important to rest as much as possible to allow the body’s marvellous systems to do their job expelling waste.

For the 5 Day Green Cleanse:
The suggestions for activity during the cleanse are based on getting the body moving by stretching and walks early on to stimulate the system, especially the detoxification systems of the body. You will have energy from the abundance of nutrients being provided, and easily digested foods, especially smoothies and juices, will allow that less energy is spent of digesting and more is used for elimination of toxins and waste. Getting lots of rest, going to bed early and quiet activity is mostly recommended for evenings to further  enhance this process.


Tips to help you get the most out of the Green Cleanses

For the Green Cleanse to be the most effective, this is how you can help:

  • Drink warm or hot lemon water first thing in the morning to jump start the elimination processes. Think of it as the lemon water wiping down the surfaces of the digestive system as it courses through. Read more on why lemon water is so good for you.
  • Drink lots of water! Follow the guideline and make sure to drink at least the amount indicated. This will help to wash the toxins being released out of your body.
  •  Eat as organic as possible.
  • Completely avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and salt.
  • Drink green tea or a herbal relaxing tea in the evening. If you are used to drinking black tea or coffee, switch to a green or herbal tea, or drink hot lemon water or hot water with a bit of almond milk.
  • Be as peaceful as possible. Avoid any stressful interactions with the outside world. This is pure you time and you are doing this to the benefit of everyone around you. Try to get away from phones, computers and tv screens. Print the Day by Day guide and Recipes out, if it is too tempting to check your email or facebook while checking it.
  • Substitute similar activities you enjoy for the ones I have suggested here, just bear in mind to keep it relaxed and peaceful.
  • Get lots of fresh air.
  • Do a thorough skin brushing session each day, just prior to your shower or bath.
  • Practise deep breathing and focusing on your breathing often and regularly during the Cleanse.
  • Practise visualization, seeing your body cleaning itself up inside, releasing and eliminating waste and becoming revitalized and refreshed, your blood becoming brighter and clean, washing and cleansing all of your detoxification systems, and all of your other systems, as it flows throughout your body. Picture yourself in your optimally clean, vibrant and healthy body.
  • Read and be aware of the information on Planning to Cleanse post, especially regarding a Healing Crisis
  • Read and follow the guidelines on the Before your Cleanse and After your Cleanse post. It is important to go on a cleanse, and especially to come off a cleanse slowly

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