I am trying to be the healthiest version of me I can be.

I’m Robin Gregory and I’m so happy that you’ve dropped by! I’d love to get to know you more too. But I’ll start with sharing about me.

The short version

I create. a lot. I love to design fun new workouts and create raw food recipes. I’m interested in healthy living, art, travel, the mind and how it works, quantum physics and I love to laugh a lot. I feel like I have a basic understanding of life, the Universe and how it works and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas.

I am very happy with my body and with my life. I love life and living. I have had many of my friends tell me they want to move in with me so they can be inspired to live a more healthy life also. So I’m putting my life and my favorite healthy ideas ‘out there’ in case it helps and inspires you, someone close to you, or any of my species, to live a cleaner, healthier, more vibrant and happy life.

The longer version

I am a Mom of 3 adult kids, (I just turned 50 this year!), and was fortunate to have stumbled upon a super healthy way of life while raising them. I am very thankful to have been able to stay at home with them for most of their first 15 to17 years, and in the middle of that time discovered raw foods. I thought I knew healthy living before then; I was raised in health food stores, but I was blown away with the difference I felt eating all raw and went overnight 100% raw vegan. I spent lots of time experimenting, creating and testing raw foods recipes and reading every book I could find on the subject. I started working in an urban sprout farm, where we grew wheat grass for many of Toronto’s juice bars. I helped start up a raw café there and then went on to write recipes and menus for other successful raw restaurants. My raw diet, high in greens and superfoods, was a blissful, wonderful experience and I only started eating some cooked foods when my life went through a roller coaster phase and I felt I needed grounding. That was just a few years ago. Since then I have maintained a high raw diet, mostly vegan, but enjoying the freedom of not having a label. I guess I would just say I eat ‘healthy’. I have done, researched and guided people doing many cleanses and have been interested in and researched many healing modalities. I believe in preventative medicine and in this regard to be our own doctor. Knowledge is valuable and I would like to share the knowledge I have to help you to heal, strengthen and cleanse your body.

In addition to food I have found a form of training which boosts the metabolism and gives results quickly. This has been a relatively new interest and, as with raw foods, I have been amazed at the dramatic changes our bodies are capable of in a short period of time. I have been creating and doing my own short workouts, which I design to be as fun as possible. They are based on High Intensity Interval Training, Crossfit training, the Tabata method and are mostly bodyweight. I use some equipment in my home gym, but most exercises can be modified using only bodyweight and items easily found.

My other interests are art, having spent many years in & out of art schools, travel, music, and having fun. Also, I taught myself Spanish in the past few years and enjoy that. But mostly, I see my life is my art and my main focus is on living as vibrantly, peacefully and as healthfully and happily as I can.

I believe in looking to nature as a guide. We are meant to live in harmony with nature; to live peaceful, happy, rich and full lives. Sometimes our inner programming leads us away from our connection to nature. It is our connection with nature which will lead us correctly and I have spent a lot of time studying this connection to our energy source and also in how we get disconnected from it. Herein lies most of the problems we face with ourselves and with the world.

I would like to share my experiences with you, whether you are interested in healthy living or just want a quick fix. I would love it if some of the ideas contained in this site resonate with you and lead you to be a better, brighter, stronger, leaner, sexier, confident, energetic, grounded, peaceful, and most importantly, happier you. I especially hope that you have fun here and find something worth staying for.
♥ Robin

ps. I am Canadian. I lived in Toronto for almost 30 years and consider it my home.  A few years ago my Mom had a stroke and the next day I moved to the east coast of Canada to live with and care for her, leaving my 6 days a week job, in which I spent most of my time creating raw food recipes. I loved it, but I love my life now too. Mom is doing really well. Being with her is great and has given me time to create this site to share my healthy living strategies with you. I am so happy you’ve come by and I hope you enjoy it here!