How to Lose Weight in 4 Minutes and 5 Favorite Tabata Workouts


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Favorite Ftabata workouts

Have you ever heard of a miraculous 4 minute workout that will help you lose weight fast? The most common one out there, and what has been a rage with many athletes as well as celebrities in the past few years are Tabata workouts. These will boost your metabolism through the roof, while still building muscle and improving cardio endurance fast.

What are Tabata workouts?

Tabata workouts are a type of HIIT workouts. That is, high intensity interval training.

HIIT workouts have been shown to be the best type of training for burning fat while building muscle and also improving cardio endurance. The Tabata training method was created by Izumi Tabata and originally used by a Japanese Olympic speed skating team.

These super intense workouts are done in intervals. First you will need an interval timer. You can get one, or go to an online one, here.

Then you set it and do 8 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. For each of the 20 seconds you push yourself doing as many reps of an exercise as you can. Then rest for 10 seconds and alternate  doing reps and stopping for 8 rounds.

Favorite Ftabata workouts


Tabata workouts sound easy to do, but they are a lot harder than they seem. And they really works to boost the metabolism – for hours after – as well as build muscle and increase your fitness level quickly.

Tabata training can be done with many exercises. Try it doing crunches, push ups, squats or lunges, depending on what area of the body you want to work out.

How I like to do Tabatas

Traditionally, and for most effectiveness with the training,  you do 8 rounds of one exercise. I do this sometimes, but often I alternate 2 exercises, which makes it much more doable. Experiment and do one exercise straight. You will see how hard it is!

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Favorite Ftabata workouts

The following workouts are 12 or more minutes. You can do just one tabata round from any of these workouts – just 4 minutes – to boost your metabolism, or do the whole thing!

My 5 Favorite Tabata Workouts

1. Tabata Trio for Abs and Core
This 12 minute workout has 3 tabata rounds and in each you alternate 2 crunch and plank type exercises.

2. Get Up Jump Up Tabata Workout
Again, this is a 12 minute workout with 3 tabata rounds, each alternating 2 exercises. This is a great full body workout and alternates exercises that hit different body areas and has lots of cardio built in too.

3. Butt Blasting Tabata Workout
This is the 3rd workout that follows the same format. I think there are only these 3 done in this way. I love this workout style and after doing it, you will see how easy it is to change the exercises to create your own. This one has amazing leg shaping, butt blasting exercises!

4. Twisted Tigress Tabata Workout
This workout also is 12 minutes and has 3 four minute parts. However, the format really changes in this one. The 1st round has 10 and 30 second intervals, the 2nd round is a 4 minute coundown of doing an abs crunch sequence and the 3rd round is the tabata round.

5. Get the Ball Rolling Tabata Workout
For this workout you need a medicine ball. But it also is a favorite so I had to include it here. This tabata workout is 16 minutes and has 4 rounds of tabatas. The 1st and 3rd rounds have abs exercises and the other 2 rounds are core based, but full body exercises.
Tweet: My 5 favorite Tabata workouts. The fastest Weight Loss workouts that work! @loverobinskey
Tweet: My 5 favorite Tabata workouts. The fastest Weight Loss workouts that work! @loverobinskey


Let’s hear from you!

What’s your favorite metabolism boosting workout, exercise or activity?


To our Fit and Healthy Bodies!

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