5 Day Green Cleanse Detox Plan – Day 3


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Welcome to day 3 of your green cleanse detox! Today will mark the halfway point. Time goes by quick and this cleanse is only 5 days so make sure to put your best effort into it to get the most out of it for  yourself that you can. You will feel vibrant, energized and rejuvenated afterwards. 

During the cleanse you may feel light, clear and energetic or you may feel weak and even nauseous. This sometimes happens when the body is heavily detoxing as the systems in your body work overtime to eliminate them from the body. Remember that you can slow down this process any time you like.

Take stock of how you are feeling and adapt the suggestions accordingly. If you are experiencing any healing crisis symptoms, such as nausea or fatigue, take it easier today and spend lots of time relaxing, reading or even watching a film.  If you are feeling sick or badly, then the toxins may be being released more quickly than your body can get rid of them and that’s your cue to evaluate, seek professional advice and decide to ease off the cleanse or continue but rest more and let your body focus on its cleaning process. You are in charge of your body but listen to it carefully. To ease off the cleanse, begin to slowly incorporate more of the healthier foods that your body is accustomed to. Remember to always come off a cleanse very slowly.

If you are feeling vibrant and good, let’s get on with our day!


5 Day Green Cleanse Detox – Day to Day Plan

Day 3

Good Morning!

Make your hot water and lemon and measure out 2 liters of water to ensure that you drink at least that amount throughout the day.  After your cup of lemon water, take your time but drink a big glass of plain water.


water in glass


Spend at least 10 minutes stretching out your body. Do downward dog and a few of your favorite yoga poses, stretch your arms, your legs, your neck, shoulders, ankles, bending, twisting and rotating through all your favorite stretches.


Make a Berry Green Smoothie with Hemp seeds and Camu Camu.


Relax this morning and kick back with a good magazine or book. Even go back to bed or make a comfortable spot on the couch. Bring in some flowers.


Lay and focus on your breathing and the thoughts that come into your mind. Visualize your perfectly functioning body in its optimal shape; your smoothly moving sleek body. Picture it moving, bending and functioning the way it is designed to. Picture yourself eating an apple and loving the way it makes your body feel, the way it restores you to your original design, giving you clean fuel to move and feel and operate better. Be proud of yourself for this experience.

health - wet apple

Morning Snack

All Green Juice and Kale Chips


Go for a long walk. Consider a walking meditation and focus on your breathing and your thoughts. Bring a container of water to continually be drinking or, if you prefer, make more hot lemon water to bring with you.

5 Day Green Cleanse Detox - walk



Immunity Green Juice and a Big Bowl Salad with Crackers and Almond Cheese 

Light Exercise and get Creative

Do some gentle exercises or stretching. Get out some paints and do some art therapy. Create paintings for self-expression and analysis. Spend time thinking about, discovering and enjoying you. During these quiet relaxed activities, follow your thoughts. Are they positive or negative? If they are negative, study them and learn a process to let them go. 

Afternoon Snack

Banana with Chia seeds and Cinnamon


5 day green cleanse detox - reading

Read and Explore your Mind

Based on your earlier observations of your thoughts, if you found you have negative programs running in your mind, research a way to stop or counteract it. Look into subliminals, hypnosis, Ho’oponopono, or Byron Katie’s process The Work. If you have positive programs running you are blessed but can always use more positive inspiration. Read something uplifting. 

Walk and Ho’oponopono

Now go for a walk outside, hopefully in the sunshine, and listen again to what recording your mind is playing. Whether the thoughts are positive or negative, on this walk alternate between these two activities: 1) focusing on your breathing and watching your thoughts and then 2) saying these 4 lines over and over: I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you.  You are saying these phrases to yourself and your thoughts. This is Ho’oponopono. The technique is simple, the process is very complex and you don’t need to know it for it to work (although it is interesting). Just keep alternating focusing on your breathing and thoughts and saying the phrases over and over, always be doing one of them, as much as you can until you return home.  Now you’ve really earned your dinner – that was some real inner cleansing.

I hope you’ve been remembering to drink water continually. Drink a big glass before dinner.

5 day Green Cleanse Detox - vegetables


Green Soup and Thai Marinated Broccoli

Practice conscious eating and visualize how all the chlorophyll you are consuming is cleaning up your blood and all your body’s systems. Have a green tea after to help boost your metabolism.

Evening Snack or Dessert

Chia Pudding


5 day Green Cleanse Detox - aromatherapy bath

Epsom Salt Bath

Tonight is a great time to enjoy a hot Epsom salt bath again. Do your skin brushing while the water runs.

Use essential oils and put a few drops on you and your pillow before going to bed, again early tonight.

Sweet Dreams!

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