5 Day Green Cleanse Detox Plan – Day 2


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Congratulations on completing day one! This 5 day green cleanse detox is one of the healthiest ways to clear your body of impurities while infusing it with vital nutrition. All of the systems in your body will function better, including your hormonal system which regulates your moods and emotions and even your brain. Your body will go back in years and be rejuvenated, your metabolism will function better, you will move easier and feel happier and more at peace. 

As we are all different, as you go through the cleanse you may experience different things. Some people will detox more quickly and some slower. Make sure you have read the page on healing crisis and know what to expect if this happens.  You can regulate the detoxification process as well. To slow down the detox process add in more foods that you normally eat, trying to keep this as healthy as possible. To detox quicker eliminate the more dense foods in the plan and drink more green juice and water instead.

This 5 day green cleanse detox plan, as it is laid out here, will provide optimal cleansing while being thoroughly nourished. I advise to stick to the plan. The infusion of concentrated nutrition will effectively clean out the cells while nourishing them. It’s a win-win plan.

So let’s continue onto day 2!

5 Day Green Cleanse Detox – Day to Day Plan

Day 2

Good Morning!

Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon. You can enjoy hot lemon water at any time throughout the day. The lemon will help to clean your inside and is a beneficial compliment to all the meals and snacks and anytime in between.

5 Day Green Cleanse Detox lemon water

Drink lots of Water

Measure out your 2 liters of water for the day. Drink at least this and more is optimal. 2.5  to 2.7 liters is the required amount advised for the average person. Drink a big glass of water before your breakfast and remember to sip steadily throughout the day.


Make a Green Love Juice and drink this first. Then afterwards enjoy a bowl of Granola topped with berries if you like and Almond Milk.


Do some stretching or yoga to get your body moving and blood circulating. Or enjoy a walk in the sunshine. Spending as much time as possible outside in nature is beneficial to the body anytime and especially now.  Do some sun salutations out on the grass or forage for wild greens for your next smoothie.

5 day green cleanse - leafy greens with water drop


Morning Snack

Have a big Berry Green Smoothie with Flax seed and Acai

Enjoy a Mineral, Mud or Aromatherapy Bath

Take a hot mineral bath, or a mud bath and do some dry skin brushing while you run it. If you have access to a sauna or steam room, now would be a wonderful time to take advantage of that. Another great idea is a hot/cold shower to increase circulation by stimulating blood flow and make sure to dry skin brush first to remove the dead cells and optimize toxin release.

epsom salt bath therapy baths

Enjoy Green Lemonade and a Strawberry Pecan Salad with Poppyseed Dressing. Make it a super big one with lots of baby spinach. Green, green, clean!  Feel great about yourself. You are doing great!

Go for a Walk

Go for a long walk, take a container of lemon water, add cayenne and just a bit of natural sweetener, such as maple syrup or unpasteurized honey.

Afternoon Snack

Make a Tropical Green Smoothie with Hemp seeds and Maca and enjoy with Apple slices and Sweet Almond Butter. Pretend you are on a tropical island!

5 day green cleanse detox - personal retreat

Your Personal Retreat

Do you have a massage or a Reiki or Shiatsu treatment booked?

If so, enjoy!
If not, make your home into your personal retreat. Start with a cup of green tea and then find a comfortable cushion or spot and do 15 minutes (or more) of meditation, focusing on your breath and clearing your mind, or just watching and peacefully letting it be but bringing awareness to your thoughts.

Then, watch a peaceful yoga or stretching video and follow along. Finish by laying in savasana (corpse pose) on your mat and guide your mind to each part of the body, one by one, focusing on totally relaxing the body. Lay for a long time just being conscious of your breathing and emptying your mind – being conscious of your thoughts but just letting them be and paying attention without giving much attention to them. Watch them and disregard them, as if watching them from far away. Imagine that these thoughts are not you; they are visitors coming to your mind. It is you who is watching them. If they are demanding your attention, ask them who is the boss, you or them? Relax and do not fight them, this is the first real challenge of meditation as they will clamor for your attention as they are used to having free reign of your mind. Our natural tendency is to just let every thought enter our minds. It takes time and effort to change this habit. So for now, just watch them and recognize that you are separate from them. The secret in this practice is in staying detached from the thoughts themselves.

5 day green cleanse detox - Blended Green Soup


 Green Soup with Flax Crackers and Almond Cheese

Enjoy a relaxed favorite activity

Do a relaxed activity, such as reading or journaling or watching a show.

Evening Snack or Dessert

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Go for an Evening Walk

Do not have an Epsom salt bath this evening.
Instead do some creative activity, like drawing or more reading or writing or go outside and have a long evening walk. Choose your destination beforehand, perhaps to a shop to get magazine on a favorite subject, or to an open space where you can sit and contemplate the night sky for a while before returning back to bed.

5 day green cleanse detox - sunrise evening
Herbal tea

Make yourself a chamomile or favorite herbal tea. Chamomile, valerian and spearmint are a few wonderful sleep aid herbs. Enjoy a peaceful soothing herbal tea with these or another favorite herbal tea blend.

Put a few drops of sandalwood or lavender essential oil on your skin or your pillow for calming and relaxation.

Go to bed early and have a great night’s sleep!

Sweet Dreams!

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