4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program #1


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This 4 week bodyweight workout program is a carefully laid out plan to help you get more fitness and exercise into your life. It takes discipline to workout at home and sometimes the challenge is just knowing where to start. I know you lead busy lives and so I have made a plan and organized workouts, as I would love someone else to do for me, if I didn’t already love to do it!  Consistency is key to making big changes in your physical fitness and this plan can help you stay on track. Following a HIIT home workout program and doing 10 to 30 minute workouts daily will fast track you to better health and the body of your dreams. 

4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program


The Workout Program

For each week in this bodyweight workout program there are 6 workouts, along with 3 alternative workouts: one short fast one, one 10-15 minutes and another longer one. These are provided in case you want an alternative or if you feel like and have time to get another workout in that week. The workouts are generally 12 to 20 minutes for the first five, from Monday to Friday. The sixth one on Saturday is a little longer.  You will also notice that during the week Thursday’s workout is a little longer than the others, aprox 20 minutes. You can switch it for one of the shorter alternative ones if you prefer.


I have tried to make this as easy as possible to follow and chosen a selection of some of my favorite bodyweight workouts. Follow these as closely as possible. Change or modify any exercises that you find too difficult to do. But push yourself. This is high intensity training. It is quick but it is intense. Listen to your body. Do not push yourself if anything hurts or does not feel right. Consult your doctor if you have any health conditions or concerns. It is advisable to check with your health care practitioner before embarking on any new physical fitness routine.


4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program Time for Action - Clock


HIIT Workouts

Get in shape and get in gear with this monthly workout schedule. Includes 4 weeks of HIIT workouts. High intensity interval workouts are the best metabolism boosting workouts that enable you to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. It’s been shown in studies to be the most effective type of training there is to enhance cardio endurance as well as simultaneously burn fat and gain muscle. I’ve seen it in my own body and on many others. These work! They are short and provide the most effective workouts in the least amount of time.

Read more on HIIT interval training here.


4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program


The Options

Most of the workouts for this 4 week workout program are done with all bodyweight. A few of the workouts require a ball or weight, such as dumbbell or medicine ball, or a skipping rope. However, I have put a note at the end of the weekly plan for alternatives, so each workout can be done with just bodyweight. Also, there are 3 optional workouts provided for each week, that you can alternate, if you like, or can add on if you have a week that you would like to do a little extra.

You Choose

There are 3 ways to go about this:

1. Standard – Follow the weekly plan just as it is.

2. Light – Do the daily plan, except Thursday.

3. Hardcore – Add another workout. Choose from one of the Bonus options.



All you need to get started is an interval timer. I recommend getting a Gymboss timer. They really are the best, but you can get started right away using an online timer. Links to these and more about Gymboss interval timers here.

Let’s Go!!


4 Week Bodyweight Workout Program #1


Week 1 

Mon –  Movement Mosaic Workout  est 15 min bodyweight
Tues – Raw Sweat Workout  est 18 min bodyweight, skipping
Wed – Tabata Trio for Abs and Core Workout  12 min  bodyweight
Thurs – Full Body Full Heart Workout  est 18 min  bodyweight
Fri – Cosmic Variance Full Body Workout  15 min  bodyweight
Sat – Squat Drop and Chop Workout  est 25 min  bodyweight
Sun – Rest day

Extra Credit – Bonus options for Week 1

Metabolism option – Amazing Workout  4 min  bodyweight
10-15 min option- Fab Ab HIIT Workout 12 min  bodyweight
Intensive option – 100 Burpees Workout #1 est 25 min  bodyweight

Week 1 Notes: Raw Sweat Workout – Instead of High Knees Skipping, you can do Mountain Climbers or High Knees instead.


Week 2

Mon – Wave Rider Workout  est 13 min  bodyweight
Tues – Down to the Crunch Ab Workout  est 22 min  bodyweight
Wed – Skipping the Rounds Workout est 15 min  skipping
Thurs – Queen of Squats Workout  est 16 min  bodyweight, Swiss ball optional
Fri – Transcendent Workout 14 min   bodyweight
Sat – Action Heroine Workout   est 30 min  bodyweight
Sun – Rest day

Extra Credit – Bonus options for Week 2:

Metabolism option – Excellent Workout  4 min  bodyweight
10-15 min option – Side Effects Workout  est 14 min  bodyweight
Intensive option – Burpees with Benefits (aka 100 Burpee Workout #2)  est 45-50 min  bodyweight

Notes for Week 2: Skipping the Rounds Workout – Instead of Skipping, you can do Mountain Climbers instead. A ball is needed for Circle Plank, if you do not have one, just hold plank for the interval time.


Week 3

Mon – Jersey Turnpike to NYC Workout 10 min  bodyweight
Tues – Hidden Burpee Planking Tiger Workout  20 min  bodyweight
Wed – Time Travel Workout  12 min   bodyweight, medicine ball or other weight
Thurs – The Profound Turnaround Ab Workout  est 18 min  bodyweight
Fri – Plain G.I. Jane Workout  est 12 min  bodyweight
Sat – Action on the Side Workout  est 20 min   all bodyweight
Sun – Rest Day

Extra Credit – Bonus options for Week 3:

Metabolism boost option – Inspiring Workout  4 min bodyweight
10-15 min option – Butt Blasting Tabata Workout  12 min  bodyweight
Intensive option – Burpees with a Side of Burpees, Please Workout (aka 100 Burpee Workout #3)  est 40 min bodyweight, skipping

Notes for Week 3: Action on the Side Workout – Instead of Skipping, you can do Mountain Climbers or Jumping Jacks instead.


Week 4

Mon – Up and At It Workout  est 15 min  bodyweight, skipping
Tues – Better Bottom Blitz HIIT Workout  est 22 min  bodyweight
Wed – Absolutely Abs Workout 13 min  bodyweight, medicine ball or other weight
Thurs – Kick Ass Leg Workout  est 18 min  bodyweight
Fri – Evasive Maneuvering Ab Workout  15 min  bodyweight
Sat – Lunges Crunches Action! Workout  est 32 min, medicine ball, bodyweight
Sun – Rest Day

Extra Credit – Bonus options for Week 4:

Metabolism option – Joy Workout est 8 min  bodyweight
10-15 min option – Triple Twelve Bodyweight Workout  15 min bodyweight
Intensive option – Burpees Gone Wild  est 34 min  bodyweight

Notes for Week 4: Better Bottom Blitz and Absolutely abs Workouts – both need a weight (medicine ball or dumbbell)
Up and At It and Lunges Crunches Action Workouts – Instead of Skipping, you can do Mountain Climbers instead.


To your physical fitness health!
Have a great workout!!

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  • Johanna

    wow robin, this is absolutely fantastic! I will be flying to sydney tomorrow for 3 months and obviously can only take my rope and a resistance band with me and since i could only do bodyweight the last 2 months as well, i started to get really bored. so this challenge is absolutely perfectly timed! i will start with it on th 18th after i got settled in syndey. thank you so so much for your work, it is very much appreciated! i almost solely do your workouts now, i love them! remind me of the old-school bodyrock style. 😉 (but better of course!) hugs

    • So happy to hear Johanna! Great!! & I am happy to hear you enjoy the workouts. I love to make them up now. I make them up and then get so excited to do them ; ) so nice to hear you enjoy them too! Thanks for letting me know, hugs back! 🙂

  • smiley22

    Is this workout also for men or just women looks like a great workout routine

  • Amy Johnson

    Definitely got my heart pumping.

  • Molly

    I came across your website yesterday just searching out raw eating then noticed you put together workouts. I decided I was going to go through each and everyone of your workouts until I finished the last one to help me get back in shape from having my 4th child 10 weeks ago. I homeschool my kids so the quick HIIT workouts are perfect. It’s the raw eating I wish was just as easy, but I really desire to eat that way especially since Ive had diabetes since I was 4 (33 years now) and I struggle with food addictions. You truly are inspiring me, so thank you and keep up the great journalism.

    • Thanks and nice to hear Molly.Congrats on your 4th child and homeschooling. wow. HIIT is so amazing to transform the body.. and raw has been shown to reverse diabetes. Check out the documentary ‘Simply Raw – reversing diabetes in 30 days’ if you haven’t seen it yet. http://documentaryheaven.com/simply-raw-reversing-diabetes-in-30-days/

      It’s amazing the difference food can make in the body! Best wishes to you!

      • Molly

        Thank you very much, Robin! Homeschooling is a bit demanding especially with little ones on the sidelines, but it’s SO rewarding.
        I will read the article, but unfortunately I have type I insulin dependent diabetes which is not reversible. My pancreas is non-functioning. That’s why I rely on insulin for life.
        HIIT is amazing and demanding, but i know it’s a must for bodily changes. I much rather pick up a weight, but HIIT is just as important.

        • Kudos on the homeschooling and HIIT! All best wishes to you!!