20 Favorite Quick and Easy to Make Raw Recipes eBook Available Now!


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I just turned 50 and to celebrate I made a raw recipes ebook to share with my newsletter subscribers. I really appreciate you joining me on this high vibe journey to vibrant health and well being. So to celebrate I created an ebook putting together 20 of my favorite, quick and easy to make, raw recipes.

Those of you who are already signed up will find a link in tomorrow mornings newsletter to get your free copy. Once it opens you can save it by right clicking and then select ‘save as..’ to save a copy on your computer.

20 Favorite Raw Recipes book

Make sure to watch for the link in tomorrow’s newsletter!

Due to the big surprise of my daughter flying in and not telling me, this newsletter is very brief. But you will get this awesome ebook, which I think totally makes up for it!

You can sign up for my newsletter here.

If you sign up for the newsletter after tomorrow mornings email is sent, there will be a link on the Thank you page that you will receive after subscribing to get it there. I’ve got you covered.

  20 Favorite Quick and Easy to Make Raw Recipes eBook

We are heading out tomorrow and will be gone for a couple days. So it may be quiet around here, but you know that I’ll make up for it when I get back!  

I hope that the recipes in this book keep you inspired until then! Have a great couple days, and..

Enjoy! In health and with love,


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