2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Plan – Day 2


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We are onto Day 2 of the Green Cleanse Detox plan. Congratulations on making an effort and taking a big step at boosting your health level by detoxifying the body.  This cleanse not only detoxifies, but is also very nourishing to your body. You may feel tired from the body’s big detox process or more energetic from the influx of nutrients and chlorophyll. Each person will feel a little differently depending on many background circumstances. Listen carefully to your body. How are you feeling today? Tired? Refreshed? Take it easy and only do any activities suggested that you feel like doing.  Do only what feels right to you.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox – Day to Day Plan

Day 2

Good Morning!

Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon. You can enjoy hot lemon water at any time throughout the day. The lemon will help to clean your inside and is a beneficial compliment to all the meals and snacks and anytime in between.  


Measure out your 2 liters of water for the day. Drink at least this and more is optimal, remember 2.5  to 2.7 liters is the required amount advised. Drink a big glass of water before your breakfast and remember to sip steadily throughout the day. 


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox cleanse - sunshine



Berry Green Smoothie with Chlorella, Goji berries and Chia seeds


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Plan Meditation Yoga

Yoga and Stretching

Get out your yoga mat and spend some time stretching each part of the body well. Start slowly until you get the body warmed up. If you have a favorite yoga video put it on and follow along, or just do several sun salutations and practice different yoga postures. 

Finish by laying on your mat in savasana and relaxing each part of the body. Pay attention to your breath and practise breathing deeply, filling your lungs with air and feeling your belly raise as you breathe in, and come down as you breathe out.  Most of us spend the majority of time breathing very shallowly and it is important to practice deep breathing. It helps your lungs and blood vessels to function better, it brings in more oxygen and helps drainage of the lymphatic system. As well, it is great for stress relief and gives you a feeling of calm and peace.

Read more about Deep Breathing and all of it’s benefits.


Morning Snack

Green Love Juice and Bowl of Peaches and Strawberries with Pecans and Chia Seeds


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Plan walk in the park


A Walk in Nature

Hopefully there is sunshine outside and you can enjoy a nice walk in the sun.  Getting out into nature as much as possible is always beneficial, and especially so now. It is also the perfect time in your day to get moving. Not working up a sweat but just enough to get your heart rate up a little higher and get your juices flowing. 



A walk is great and rebounding would also be ideal. Rebounding (jumping on a small trampoline) will help to get your lymph flowing and helps to bring more oxygen in and around all the cells in your body.  It is very beneficial in many ways, as is walking. So get moving and some action in now, especially as you will be mostly resting the body for the rest of the day.


Day 2 Green Cleanse Detox Plan - drink water

Drink Lots of Water

Remember to keep drinking water throughout the day. Have a big glass of water now before lunch or while you prepare your lunch. Picture the clean clear water washing impurities out of your body leaving your cells and tissues shiny and clean.  When you drink or eat green foods you can picture your cells receiving the ideal nourishment to cleanse, heal and keep them in their optimal state of health.



Green Goddess Soup and Broccoli Salad with Multi Seed Crackers


Day 2 Green Cleanse Detox Plan - reading a book

Relaxation or Nap

Have a nap or do a quiet activity like reading or watching a show or movie. Make it something that makes you feel good or is inspirational, something that your higher self would approve of.  Commend yourself on taking such good care of yourself. Working on yourself and creating a better you helps to make the world a better place. It also makes you better able to take care of those you love and so doing this is a gift to them. This is benefiting you and the world around you on many levels. Be happy and proud of yourself.


Afternoon Snack

Tropical Green Smoothie with Spirulina, Maca and Hemp seeds


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Quiet stretching in sunshine



Do 5 to 10 minutes of light stretching. Practice your meditation, relaxation, deep breathing and visualization.



Visualize your perfectly functioning body in its optimal shape; your smoothly moving sleek body. Picture it moving, bending and functioning the way it is designed to. Picture yourself eating an apple and loving the way it makes your body feel, the way it restores you to your original design, giving you clean fuel to move and feel and operate better.

Read more on Visualization.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox meditation girl



Spend 10 to 20 minutes on meditation, focusing on your breathing, bringing air deeply into your lungs and getting used to this feeling and following your breath as it comes in through your nostrils, down into your lungs, holding a second and then back up and out, breathing consciously and meditatively. Watch your thoughts. This time as you catch a thought and let it go, realize that you are separate from your thoughts. They are not you. You will notice that you are watching them like an observer and it is as if they have a life of their own.  Most often our thoughts are allowed to run around uncontrolled doing and thinking whatever they want.

Know that you can control your thoughts and doing so is like working a muscle in that the more you do it the better you get at it and the stronger your will to control them becomes. The will learn that you are in control of which thoughts you ‘allow’ in your head. But it first comes from watching them and getting to know them and seeing and understanding how they act. This time is some of the most well spent time you will spend with yourself, getting to know how your mind and thoughts work a little better.

Read more on Meditation.


Drink water while you prepare your dinner juice and big salad.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox green juice and salad


Veggie Vibe or All Green Juice and Big Bowl Salad with Avocado, Walnuts and Seeds


Relaxation time

Spend some time with a relaxed activity that you enjoy, resting or listen to a relaxation audio. Do something peaceful and something just for you.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Quiet beach time


Evening Snack

Banana with Chia seeds and Cinnamon


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Epsom Salt Bath and other Therapy Baths bubbles


Have a Mineral Bath

Have a mineral, mud or aromatherapy bath, or a combination of all. Dry skin brush first as the water is running. Have a cup of chamomile or herbal sleep tea and go to bed early.

Read more on different types of  Therapy Baths.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox evening


Congratulations on a successful 2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Plan.


Sweet Dreams!  May you wake feeling refreshed and renewed.

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