2 Day Green Cleanse Detox Plan – Day 1


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This 2 day green cleanse detox is an ideal detox cleanse for a weekend, or for any time you have 2 days free. You could work while doing this green cleanse, as the green juices and foods will give you lots of energy. However, it is always more effective when doing any type of detox or cleanse to relax. By not expending energy doing physical work, your body will devote more energy to the detoxification process.  

This guide will give you some optimal activities to do that will assist the cleansing process. It is a general guide to follow, and you can approach it in whatever way works best for you. So now you are ready. Here is the outline for your first day.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox – Day to Day Plan

Day 1

Good Morning! 

Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon.

2 Day Green Cleanse Detox lemon water 1

Drink Lots of Water

Measure out 2.5 liters of water into containers and leave out covered on the counter. Make sure to drink lots of water. Having your water quota for the day measured out first will help to remind and encourage you to drink it and drink often. Try to drink most of your water early in the day, so that you are not kept up at night running to the washroom, especially if 2.5 liters is more than you are used to.



Green Love Juice and Apple Slices with Almond Butter and Cinnamon


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox yoga

Yoga or Light Exercise

Get out your yoga mat and do some stretching and/or yoga poses. Get your body moving and do some light exercises. Finish with more stretching. This is great to get the body systems moving and activated.


Deep Breathing Exercise

Afterwards lie or sit on your mat with crossed legs, whichever is most comfortable and preferable to you and focus on your breath and practice deep breathing. Then begin to relax your body slowly, part by part, while still focusing on your breath and practicing bringing air deep into your lungs. Start at your head, each part: eyes, ears, forehead, cheeks, mouth tongue, down to your throat, chest, arms to fingers, slowly and legs to toes. Take your time with this practice and stop periodically to focus on your breath and resume relaxing your body. When you reach your toes and your whole body is relaxed, bring your thought back up to your breathing and now to your thoughts.

Try not to think of anything and when you do think of something note what it is that you are thinking about and just gently let it go, continue in this manner for a while, the longer the better, start with 10 minutes. If it is easy to go longer, continue to hold this, the longer the more beneficial it is. Keep noticing when a thought comes into your head, and catch it like a butterfly, look at it briefly and then let it go again.

You may experience a lot of chatter at first, or you may just have intermittent thoughts pass by. The more you do this the more you will quiet the mind and create for yourself more inner peace and clarity with your thoughts.

Read more about Deep Breathing.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox beach deep breathing

Morning Snack

Berry Green Smoothie with Chlorella, Goji berries and Chia seeds


Take a Walk

Walking energizes and lifts the spirits, by releasing endorphins, but more so it gets the heart going and stimulates the lymphatic system, bringing in oxygen and nutrients to cells while helping to eliminate waste. Be careful however, not to over exercise during this cleanse as it is quite intensive as your energy levels will be lower and you want to harness the energy properly so that your body has lots remaining to do its cleanup work. There is a balance to be found in stimulating the system and in using too much energy, so be aware not to expend too much of your energy.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox walking


Veggie Vibe or All Green Juice and Broccoli Salad with Avocado and Multi Seed Crackers


A Hot Bath

Enjoy a hot mineral bath or a mud bath and do some dry skin brushing while you run it. Skin brushing will remove dead skin cells from the body and allow you to expel toxins easier. If you have access to a sauna or steam room, now would be a wonderful time to take advantage of that. Another great idea is a hot/cold shower to increase circulation by stimulating blood flow. Make sure to dry skin brush first.

Read more about different types of  Therapy Baths.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox aromatherapy bath

Afternoon Snack

Tropical Green Smoothie with Spirulina, Maca and Hemp seeds


Relaxation or Nap

Now is a great time for a relaxed activity or even a nap if you feel like one.  Suggestions: Take some time to read a new book or author. Make it something special for yourself, perhaps something spiritual, inspirational or motivational. Learn a new practice, such as Ho’o pono pono  or The Work by Byron Katie, or read more about cleansing benefits to the body,  alternative healing methods or the benefits of certain foods to the body. Or just read something for fun. But mainly relax and let the body do its inner house cleaning.


2 Day Green Cleanse Detox drink water

Drink one large glass of water before having dinner or while preparing it.



Green Goddess Soup and Leaf Salad with Walnuts and Hemp Seeds


Relaxation Time

Now is a great time to listen to a guided relaxation recording and relax. Get in warm, comfortable, loose fitting clothes and create a comforting spot for yourself to drift away to the sound of another person’s voice guiding you to a state of deep relaxed calm and peace.

If you have a hypnosis audio, you could play it now while you are in a peaceful relaxed state. Or spend a bit of time in meditation and relaxation again as you did this morning. Following your breath and practicing watching your thoughts.

Read more on Meditation.

Read more on Visualization.



Green Cleanse Detox Plan relaxation


Evening Snack

Bowl of Strawberries, Pear and Banana with Chia Seeds


Epsom Salt Bath

Have an Epsom salt bath. Run the water as warm as is comfortable for you. Only dry skin brush if you have not already done so earlier. Once a day is enough, and be careful not to brush sensitive areas of the body. Put a few drops of a relaxing essential oil blend or use Sandalwood or Lavender into the bath water and have a nice long peaceful relaxing soak.

Read more about Epsom Salt and Aromatherapy Baths.

Go to bed early and get a great night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams!


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