12 Modified Exercises – How to Modify Exercises to make HIIT Workouts Suit You


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Below there are 12 modified exercises. Each exercise has its own 1 to 2 minute video showing it first done with regular form, and then how to modify it. The exercises below are bodyweight exercise classics. They form the core of most HIIT workouts,  or any bodyweight workout, and most exercise variations stem from these. I use this core group of exercises all the time in my workouts. By knowing how to modify these exercises you will be better able to make the workouts I do suit you best to gain strength and to get the most out of the workouts. 

How to Modify Exercises

General tips on making exercises easier to do

Change the range of motion. Shorten it to make it easier. Bend and move to a lesser degree to lessen the impact of the exercise.

Do it slower. Always work on your form. It is a priority, and with keeping good form slow down the speed that you perform the exercise. When you gain strength and become used to the exercises speed will naturally come.

Walk instead of jump. Exercises with jumping  use most muscle groups in the lower body. They are great for cardio, burning fat, toning legs and also for balance and coordination, but they are a lot more work to do. If you find any exercise that has jumping in it difficult, take a little of the jumping out to tone it down a notch and make it more do-able for you.

More tips in the videos below.


12 Modified Exercises – Bodyweight Exercise Classics

The following classic bodyweight exercises are shown in short and concise 1 to 2 minute videos with modifications on how to adapt any exercise to make it easier for you to perform.

These exercises all come together in this 1o Minute Bodyweight Workout.


The Burpee


Jump Lunges


Jump Squats


Side Lunge Jumps




Push Ups




Crab Toe Touch


Prisoner Get Ups


Sit Ups




Pull Ups



To your best training and fitness health!

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