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Raw Papaya Pie Recipe

A key lime pie was the plan, the crust was made, and suddenly Holly asks (seeing a papaya in the fridge that really needs to get eaten) “Can’t you just make a papaya pie recipe!?” Hmm, the wheels in my head start spinning. How would I do that? I am not sure if you know that papayas just are not that great in Canada. In fact often they are just completely tasteless and bland.

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Get a better night sleep

We all know that there are so many benefits to getting a good nights sleep. Sleep is important for our total well-being and health. It directly influences our energy and happiness levels and to keeping thin and losing weight too. Proper sleep regulates our hormones, which play a big role in our all over health. Read on to see how to stay balanced, slim, happy and get a better night’s sleep. || Read more

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Vegan burgers with beetroot and beans

A great veggie burger recipe is so great to have. I posted another black bean burgers recipe that was very popular over a year ago. So also check out my Hemp Protein Burgers recipe. This recipe is also delicious and quite different. ..and hey, we can all use a few great veggie burger recipes in our recipe box, right?  || Read more

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Beauty Foods - The top foods for glowing skin

You know that look when someone has a beauty that just seems to radiate from the inside out? They exude energy and vitality along with their clear complexion, bright smile and white eyes. Chances are they are eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables regularly, and especially lots of the top foods for glowing skin. || Read more

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Tropical Chia Breakfast Bowl Recipe

This chia breakfast bowl recipe has been a favorite breakfast lately. It makes a perfect breakfast as it’s packed with incredibly healthy superfoods and gives you sustained energy for long periods. Chia is a real nutritional superstar with a similar nutritional profile as flax and hemp seeds. It’s one of the best foods for beauty and weightloss. If you are not already, you have to get onto chia, and this breakfast bowl makes it insanely delicious and fun to eat! || Read more

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Bodyweight exercises and home workouts have taken the world by storm and are the rage everywhere. It’s no wonder, because they work. They shape, lean out, tighten and tone the body quickly. However, it is true that to gain more muscle weight is needed. And it is beneficial not only for putting on muscle but for your health to add weight training  in with bodyweight training.  Here are some of my favorite pieces of home gym equipment to add weight and to change up your routine. || Read more

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