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Toronto Nathan Phillips Square

Mom & I are getting settled into our new flat in Toronto and it’s taking a little longer than I expected but I guess I didn’t quite realize how big a transition it was. We downsized so much on the other side I thought we would fit into our new place. But perhaps I should have realized, having lived in Toronto before, that the average size home is much smaller than those from the east coast. And especially Moms home, which was (3200 sq feet) pretty huge. || Read more

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Intense blueberry smoothies

So, it’s finally here, moving day. Well, the moving truck came Monday and we have our long drive to Toronto tomorrow. Then just a few days until we move into our new place. I don’t even have the official move in date yet, when the moving truck is there and ready to unload. But I do have pictures to share our adventure and smoothie inspiration to share with you! || Read more

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traditional tabouli recipe

I am in the middle of moving right now, but it has been longer than usual since I have shared new recipes with you. We made these oven baked falafels at a retreat at the Lotus Heart Center recently. I have a few recipes still to share from there. These falafels are quite easy to make and they are healthy both because of the ingredients in them and because they are baked and not deep fried or even pan fried as most falafels are. || Read more

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Shocking Salad Dressing Facts and Salad Dressing Recipes

One of the often overlooked foods that can make a huge impact on your health is the salad dressings that you use.  It’s so easy to blend up a bottle of homemade dressing. Really, you just add ingredients to a blender and blend. But it’s also easy to just pick up a pre-made bottle off the shelf and convince yourself that a little dressing won’t hurt you. Most people do it. The problem is that store bought salad dressings can be the worse culprits in bringing your health down. Some of the most unhealthy ingredients can be found in those little plastic bottles that line our store shelves.  || Read more

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7 days easting raw foods plan book

The 7 days of Eating Raw Food Plan s now available in book form.  This plan has been the most visited page on my site since it came out. Not only does this plan gett hundreds of clicks each day but also I have had many emails from people susseccfully following it. Even some who were following it as a guide long term and so I decided that this raw food plan should be made into a book, making it more convenient and easier than ever to follow. || Read more

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Raw Vegan Butter Recipe

Yikes! I just sent out my newsletter and right after sending I noticed that there was an error and that I had linked the pdf to a previous recipe, instead of the Raw Vegan Butter recipe.  So some quick thinking was in order and I am rectifying this situation by posting it here as well as || Read more

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Lotus Heart Center Retreat Dining

I hope to share some new meal ideas with you through the menu plan that I made up and followed for the recent Padmani Yoga retreat, hosted by YuMee Chung at the Lotus Heart Center. YuMee and the yoga teachers that she had gathered were a beautiful, heart centered, high vibe group of people and it was a joy to be making food for them. Check out more about YuMee and Jivamukti Yoga below, then come check out what was happening in the kitchen during her technical training intensive retreat. || Read more

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